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Hello Parents and Patrons,
Due to conflicts out of our control regarding school start and end dates, which will have an affect on our camper enrollment for 2018, there has been a change in our camp dates for next summer. The new dates are the following:

2018 Camp Dates
May 24th - 29th
June 1st - June 30th
July 6th - August 4th 

Many thanks to you for participating in the House Public Education hearing on HB 1180, the bill that requires school districts to end school by the Friday before Memorial Day. Due to your excellent messaging, the bill was voted out of committee and is on its way to the Calendars committee where it can be placed on the House floor for a vote!
The plan is to get some calls into the Calendar Committee then, when it goes to the House Floor, we need to reach out of all of the representatives. Let's Save our Summer!

*P.S. : The District of Innovation could really impede on our camp dates from now on. We could use your help in fighting to “ Save our Summers!” Teak and I, along with Caroline Key and many supportive families from Waldemar went to Austin in April, to vote on important bills that will help us maintain a summer calendar. We would like to keep camp alive in the months of June and July and part of August. The bill to delete the start and end date from District of Innovation exemptions is still in committee and has not yet been voted out.  We ask that you call your Representative if you want to stay informed about these bills. 
Dallas families may call Morgan Meyer’s office (512) 463-0367 who is on the committee and voice your concerns as constituents. It is very important that you express the direct effect District of Innovation start dates are having on you, if they indeed are part of your school district.
Then, If you agree, you can say that you understand that the Committee Substitute to HB 1865 will stop District of Innovations from an exemption from the uniform school start date of the 4th Monday in August and that you want to go back to that start date.
We have a hard working Camp Mystic alumnae, who is working diligently and lobbying for camps in Texas. Her name is Courtney Hoffman, if you have further questions or concerns about school start/stop dates, you may email her at this address: choffman@crhtexas.com